The Holy Trinity Of T Boosting Ingredients

There exists some powerful all 100% natural ingredients that can help to powerfully raise your testosterone levels if they are low. There are three in particular that are the most important in this regard. They are D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, and Oyster Extract. These three ingredients are some of the most powerful at producing testosterone. They also work more powerfully when they are together, used in the some formula. Each ingredient compliments each other and they work in harmony together to help bring up low levels.

To feel like a man and to look like a man, you need testosterone in enough volume to help bring your T levels up from as low as they may be. These three ingredients are very powerful at doing this. Now you could choose to take them all in separate formulas, in an individual preparation. Or you could choose to take them together in one pill. I highly recommend the latter option because it can be a nightmare trying to take so many different pills  throughout the day. And if you forget a pill here and there then you may not get the best results.

So I personally like to take all of these potent ingredients as part of one formula. There aren’t many that offer these ingredients all in one. But I did find one that I really like called Testofuel. This is my top pick, not only because it contains these three ingredients but also because it has them in the right amount to have a therapeutic effect. And also they are at the correct dosage. This is important because many formulas are at such a low dosage that they do absolutely nothing.

So you need to ensure that not only is the formula you pick using all the right ingredients, but they must be at the right dosage and at the right quality level. When you meet all these requirements that is when taking a formula will have a positive effect.

But you need to ensure that you allow a formula of ingredients such as this time to work. You are not talking harmful anabolic steroids which will raise your T levels very quickly. No, you are taking a totally natural formula that will take time to work. So expect it to work its magic after about 1 month of daily use. Then you will receive all the benefits of taking this formula.

What Are The Benefits Of Mulberry And Mulberry Leaves?

People, these days, prefer natural ingredients to improve their health. It is a great thing as these natural products will not have any kind of side effects. There are no harsh chemicals to make give any side effects. Recent researches have shown that the use of mulberry leaves is quite beneficial for the people’s health. It has many nutrients in it which can improve the health of the people a lot. You can also have herbal tea made up of the leaves of mulberry. These leaves are 100 % free from caffeine and tannin and thus will help you to grow healthier too.

How Is It Beneficial For Health?

The leaves of mulberry contain GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid that helps to maintain the level of blood pressure in human body. It also helps to maintain the blood sugar level with the 1-Deoxinorjirimiycin. Besides these two main things here is the list of other beneficial sides of a mulberry leaf –

· It contains Phytosterol which helps to control and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood of a human being. This is something very important and good for heart too.

· It is a great things for your liver as well because it can help to prevent you from getting liver cancer with the help of quercetin present in its leaves.

· Flavonoids present in these leaves can help you get relief from the stress and strains. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps you to get energised after drinking a cup of tea from mulberry leaves.

· It even helps to reduce the chances of having any kinds of eye diseases and some cancers too.

· The chlorophyll content in these leaves will help you to keep you healthy by supporting your intestine, heart, liver and helps to improve the overall health of your body.

· It even contains Vitamin A for making your eyes healthy, Vitamin B1 for toning up your skin and muscles. Vitamin B1 also helps to improve the functions of your nervous system.

· Vitamin B2 will be highly beneficial for your muscular function and even for your digestive system.

· The leaves of mulberry also contain Vitamin B6 which helps in proper break down of proteins, produces haemoglobin, antibodies and also helps to get a better nerve functioning.

· Vitamin C present in the mulberry leaf can help you in improving health by preventing diseases. 

· The amino acid present in these leaves help to form protein building blocks that will be highly essential for a healthy living of human beings. 

· It also contains other minerals like potassium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc.


The use of mulberry leaves can be dated back to several years. It is used in the traditional medicines in China too for improving the health quality of the people. Naturally if you are healthy and fit, it will improve you living quality a lot. The powerful antioxidants are of great benefits for the people as it gives them some energy to do remove stress after the whole day work. You can opt for herbal tea made from the leaves of mulberry. It will be highly beneficial for you.

Prohormones-types and effects on the body

Prohormones-types and effects on the body
written by: writer1970

are hardcore supplements which help with the building of muscles and the body’s
quick recovery after a long bout of exercise. They are designer steroids taken
orally and processed through the liver. There are different types of these supplements
available in the market where some are stronger than others, and with more side

are most popular in athletes who want to increase their strength, endurance and
size, to add lean body mass and to reduce recovery time and body fat levels. They
are popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes as its side effects include gains
in muscular strength and hypertrophy. 

Two types 

are two types of these muscle builders; wet and dry. The wet ones are used in
bulking cycles while the dry, for cutting and leaning out. The wet cycles lead
to the body producing more estrogen in the body which is why some athletes use
an estrogen blocker with the cycle.

compounds however may cause joint pain, which is why a joint support supplement
may be necessary. All prohormones are available in various forms like liquid,
pills, capsules and even dermal patches while dosage varies based on the specific
compound used. Whichever supplement you choose, it should be taken with a good
liver support supplement and post cycle therapy supplement.

Cycle length

days is the recommended cycle for these supplements. The experienced and
advanced users may however go for about 45 days. A cycle is necessary when
taking these supplements as they are strenuous on the body and organs and if
not taken properly, can harm your body. 

its stress on the liver is too much for the body to handle with its long-term
and continuous use without any breaks and post cycle. It’s thus advised to use
supports which help increase the liver strength and remove body toxins during
the cycle. 

Who uses these muscle

different types of athletes use these muscle enhancing supplements to increase
their speed, strength and size. While they are used in many sports, they are
most common in bodybuilding. In fact, women too take a mild version of
prohormones like epistane with a lower androgen effect. Women however should
not take high androgen supplements like superdrol and should consult their
doctor before taking any of these types of supplements.

Side effects

can turn out to be very dangerous supplements if abused. This is why you should
never run a cycle for longer than 8 weeks, which is to be followed by a good pct
(post cycle therapy). There are however some products like methylstenbolone
which are more toxic on the liver, which is why its shorter cycles are

common side effects of taking these supplements include hair loss, increased
body hair, liver damage, hair loss, acne and aggression. However most of these
side effects are rather rare, as long as you don’t take more than recommended
by the manufacturer. Anyone taking higher dose cycles are strongly advised to
have blood work done during the cycle to check their liver values.

Why It’s Important To Use A Foot Fungus Cream As Part Of A Regimen To Combat Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot fungus is mostly an infection of the skin, it is caused by a fungus eating the dead skin cells in the upper layers of the skin. This is partially where the problem lies in eradicating this infection because there is no blood supply in the dead skin to bring the antibodies, the infection fighting white blood cells, to the battle. The fungus primarily feeds on keratin, which is a protein that can be found in skin, hair, and nails, so it can spread fairly easily if left untreated. Let’s now examine some foot fungus creams that are available.

Start By Cleaning And Trimming Your Feet And Nails

Since the fungus normally lives in dead skin cells and nails is important to remove any excess skin and trim back the nails to reduce the amount of food that it has to live in. It is especially important to make sure that any soft, infected skin between the toes, is completely eliminated and scrubbed clean.  Trim the nails back as far as possible, plus also scrub and remove any flaky, scaly parts of the nails as much as possible.  Make sure that you clean and disinfect all of your shoes, then sprinkle them profusely with medicated foot powder.

There Are Natural Foot Fungus Creams And Remedies That Can Help

Fungal infections of the feet can be difficult to get rid of, especially during the moist seasons of the year. After you have thoroughly cleaned your feet and nails it can be quite helpful to spread some strong lemon juice, or vinegar on your feet, then put on a pair of socks and leave it there for a hour. Then, rinse your feet quite well and apply some longer-term topical creams.

There Are Over-The-Counter Topical Creams That Work

While the home remedies like lemon  juice and vinegar to a pretty good job of killing the fungus on contact, they’re quickly neutralized and no longer effective after just a short while. There are over-the-counter foot fungus creams containing such ingredients as miconazole that can endure for a day or more. To completely eliminate the fungus it’s important to have a complete regimen of daily cleaning and removing dead skin cells, combined with disinfecting with vinegar or lemon, then the application of a proven medication for the long term.  A cream that work well is the Terrasil.  It contains a family of creams that are effective in treating nail fungus.  Read the reviews on Terrasil cream.

Getting completely rid of athletes foot is not a difficult process, but requires diligence in order to be successful. If you miss a day of in your regimen it’s possible for the fungus to regain ground, so it’s important to stick to the program until the fungus is gone, then continue to use medicated talcum powder for quite some time thereafter.