Perfection Is Not The Goal


In a perfect world, we would not need to chase a meal plan to shed weight and care for our diabetes. We would all eat correctly nutritious meals in the right amounts and get enough exercise to keep ourselves healthy, fit and lean. But we are not living in a perfect world. This is the real world, so your meal plan should be realistic as well. Striving for perfection is great in most cases, but not when it sets you up for failure. Small steps are the key to successful weight loss, not impossible goals.


In a perfect world, your weight loss diet plan would be flawless. You would pick the exact right caloric ceiling to lose weight healthily, about one pound a week. You would spread your calories throughout the day, perfectly timed with your medications and activities, and this meal plan would not change from day to day. Every meal would consist of a stable number of calories, and you would never splurge. Your blood sugar would always be right on target, you would never have hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, and would ever have to see a dietitian or doctor again.

Perhaps there is someone out there who can follow this routine perfectly. Most of you, though, see several problems with this perfect diet meal plans. Where is the time in this perfect meal plan to run crrands after work?? how do you find time to go to work in the first place? What about special events? Even more, it sounds boring eating the same meals every day.

What you do need to realize, however, is that you can eat about the same number of calories every day and still have a great deal of diversity in the foods you eat. Meal planning allows for this, and even though you may occasionally go over your calorie ceiling, after a little bit of practice, you will know enough to consistently keep close to it.


A friendly reminder

Being flexible is the goal- not being perfect. Be careful not to judge yourself too hard. Do not say to yourself, “ I cheated today” or “ I have been bad “ . All that you should expect to yourself is to do the best you can each day, and on some days, this is easier said than done. If you miss your goals on a certain day, make it a point to hit those goals tomorrow.

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